Devil Rock in the Monongahela River

this devil rock was video recorded using a G1 Android device on July 19, 2009.


Cloud video for Hothouse 2009

this video was shot, processed and edited by Edgar Um Bucholtz in August 2009. the cloud footage has been sped up by 500% to 1500%. it was produced for projection at Hothouse 2009 as part of Thommy Conroy's decor. Hothouse is an annual fundraiser for the Pittsburgh philanthropic non-profit organization, The Sprout Fund.

in addition to making this cloud video, Edgar Um Bucholtz was the music coordinator for Hothouse 2009. Zombi, Philadelphyinz, Harlan Twins, Humanaut, Flamenco Pittsburgh and Sam McUmber were the featured musical acts.


lighting design and video projector installation by Rob Long and and the excellent folks at Clear Story.

enjoy the silence.


"I Exalt We (Backyard Orgy)" by J. Fox and Edgar Um Bucholtz

this is the first part (of three parts) of an experimental video by J. Fox and Edgar Um Bucholtz. it was shot and edited in Pittsburgh in the Summer of 1996. it was publicly screened only once (at The Andy Warhol Museum in 1996.)

the soundtrack was produced by Edgar Um Bucholtz at the studios of WRCT FM. it is a manipulated recording by jazz vocalist Shirley Horn.

this video was made the summer that J. Fox and Edgar Um Bucholtz became domestic and artistic partners. this partnership lasted approx. 7 years. they are remain close friends.

it was shot on VHS-C and transferred to mini-DV for editing.

parts two and three have minor adult content, so i uploaded them via xTube. xTube's embed code is not getting any love from google today. here are the links:

part two

part three


Edgar Um Bucholtz "Solo for WRCT" (2009)

Edgar Um Bucholtz performs "Solo for WRCT" (with assistance from Josh Beyer on mixing console/production and Marcus Kim on two Denon CD players.)

This piece was improvised and composed for broadcast on WRCT as part of Josh Beyer's "Local Solo Improvisation Summer Radio Series."

Edgar Um Bucholtz reads "Writing Through Derek Bailey's IMPROVISATION," a mesostic text composed by Edgar Um Bucholtz for the 2003 HIGH ZERO Festival of Experimental Improvised Music in Baltimore. Accompanying the reading are excerpts of Edgar Um Bucholtz improvising on cornet and miscellaneous objects (recorded at The Nerve on Monday July 13th 2009) and on soft synths and drum machine (via LOGIC STUDIO PRO; recorded on Monday July 13th 2009 in the attic at 4222 Calvin St. in Pittsburgh.)

The piece in full was recorded at WRCT on the evening of Tuesday July 14th.

It was broadcast on Thursday July 23rd.

Thanks to Josh Beyer for asking me to do this. Thanks to Marcus Kim for helping out. Thanks to John Cartwright for letting me use his MicroKorg as a controller.

I apologize for mispronouncing "scherzos" and "passacaglia"!!!!