Forget Tea Leaf Creeps "Live in Rhodesia" 2010

FORGET TEA LEAF CREEPS "Live in Rhodesia" part 1:

Forget Tea Leaf Creeps performed live on Apr. 29th 2010 at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA.

Forget Tea Leaf Creeps were:

Edgar Um Bucholtz - turntables, Serato, laptop, tracks of original synthesized and acoustic improvisations, cabasa, moo, voice, fake Hawaiian folk song

Steve Boyle - vari-speed tape player, radio, ring modulator, contact mics, voice

Matt Wellins - home-built electronics

Video documentation of this performance by Jim Storch.

This video edit by Edgar Um Bucholtz was completed on May 5th 2010. It incorporates found home movie footage obtained from lostinlight.org

Also performing at the Brillobox on the evening of April 29th 2010 were: Burnout Warcry and Caethua.

Thanks to Heidi for setting up the show and asking Forget Tea Leaf Creeps to perform. And thanks to the Brillobox and Jim Storch.

FORGET TEA LEAF CREEPS "Live in Rhodesia" part 2:

"Don't take pork on the Old Pali Road
And don't take pork on the King's Highway
Doing so will anger the Fire God Pele
And doing so will anger (the Pig God) Kamapuaa

If you must carry pork on Old Pali Road
Or if you must carry pork on the King's Highway
Wrap the pork in ti leaf or bamboo
Or wrap the pork in banana leaf to shield your taboo"

(lyrics by Edgar Um Bucholtz, 2010)