review of "Hard On/Off Hearong" by Craig Whitman

This cassette was released in celebration of Record Store Day 2011, and is a fine document of the sound of Fuck Telecorps. It features two pieces recorded both in 2011 and years previous with some post production for treatment. The cover art nicely represents the themes I will attempt to interpret for you below;

"This File Is Corrupted" begins with pensive percolations and congeals into blips with short shrieks and kissy farts. The air being let out of the squealing balloon starts the tractor and mows the synapses with dive bombers. The good sam's club banging cookware a summer evenings ritual of creaky doors and hubcaps, lapsing into a brief anti climax before the naked shower stall in the hard on/off bathtub sets the scene of a radio nestled precariously close to the shock drop while someone scrapes the egg off a plate in an hispanic kitchen of a town near you.

"Viking Fireman Inseminator"; there is nothing wrong with your tape player...maybe. Polyrhythmic polyseismic polyanthem gets the condom on/off and a clarinet squeals with erotic and implicitly trite semi poly abandon already proceeding into post orgasmic afterglow. Sex encore. The wet belly announcing the conch call of jizz jazz and orally facilitated delights. The loud climactic affirmation sees the balloon reintroduced to accompany the lewd deflowering of a peacock on a rubber matted filth floor. Applause. Balinese blues. The soulful cry; "you give to me leather, you take away my [leg?] invokes a provocative kabuki demon dance ending in a fiery and perverted sexual conquest. Elements of unsatiable lust and multiple orgasm tie this up in a well orchestrated aural theme of repeated insemination.

3 thumbs up

Craig Whitman
June 2011