Edgar Um Bucholtz "Quality of Reproduction" with LPN sound

Edgar Um Bucholtz "Quality of Reproduction" (video, 1990) with sounds by LPN (1994-1996)

this is a video research project mixed and produced in 1990 by Edgar Um Bucholtz when he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University in the School of Art. the purpose of the research was to explore the limits of the stability (sync) of the VHS format. as the video progresses, wipe upon wipe of video footage is added. with each additional wipe (and subsequent pass through the video machines,) the quality of the previous footage as well as the overall sync of the video degrades. as the sync degrades, Edgar Um Bucholtz becomes removed from his control over the mixing of the video. the video itself becomes alive.

the footage chosen for this video didn't matter. it was "junk" video that was available on tapes that Edgar Um Bucholtz and Markus Spanglestein had shot for other projects. the footage includes lamb roasting on spits on the CMU campus, Andy Vogt and friends chatting in an apartment and raw footage of an automobile on the streets of the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. this automotive footage was from a narrative video called "No Way" which was shot by Markus Spanglestein in 1990 and features Edgar Um Bucholtz and Missy Galore.

the original audio for this video was 'in camera' and has been erased. it has been replaced with two layered stereo tracks of sound by the experimental Pittsburgh sound duo, LPN. these tracks were recorded and edited in 1994-1996. LPN is Dave Shim and Edgar Um Bucholtz.

this digital transfer and edit with LPN sound was produced in January 2013 by Edgar Um Bucholtz in Pittsburgh.

special thanks to Markus Spanglestein, Missy Galore, Andy Vogt, Jon Beckley, Dave Shim, Bea Archer and Kevin Ramser.