Fuck Telecorps "Requiem For Summer 2010"

Fuck Telecorps "Requiem For Summer 2010" performed by Edgar Um Bucholtz solo at The Shop on Monday August 16th, 2010.

The cassette tape that Edgar Um Bucholtz manipulated with his big toe was "err..." recorded by Telecorps on September 20th, 1991. This performance was the first public airing of "err...."

Ice Cream provided by Twister's. Ice Cream assistance by Marcus Kim. Boom box on loan from Sam Pace. Performance documentation by Ryan Emmett.

The other bands on the bill for this show were: Drainolith, Nazi Dust, Outer Space, Half Nelson, Free Clinic and Forest Dweller. Reeves Smith and Joshua Rievel booked the show.

Erik Ciora received the commemorative Fuck Telecorps t-shirt.

the original cassette: