"Super Duck Window Burn Iconotrashi 96" by Um Bucholtz

electronic sounds and video edit by Um Bucholtz 1993-2008

sounds improvised on a Casio CZ-100, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 and various (somewhat busted) FX. recorded to 4-track in 1993.

mixed down and edited to found video in 1996 as part of an Um Bucholtz (with Dave Shim) audio/video VHS compilation entitled "Reclaim (Electrosonic PicBlocs)."

video and sound re-edited in December 2008.

special thanks to Peter Vogt and Associates and VID-COM.



like the flu said...


love this stuff

keep it comin

Hugs said...

Great Ed! Awesome to see you in Pitts... xo love scty