Fuck Telecorps "RedGreenBlueWhite"

video, audio and edit by Edgar Um Bucholtz, 2009.

this video was shot and edited in Pittsburgh on Monday July 6th 2009.

the audio soundtrack consists of edits of solo improvisations on multi-various electronics by Edgar Um Bucholtz recorded in 1994-1996 live on WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh.

the audio was edited for video on Monday July 6th 2009.

this video was produced to be the Fuck Telecorps set of a concert organized by Mike Kasunic at the Nerve featuring Caboladies, Tusk Lord, Sundogpeacehouse and Fuck Telecorps. at the concert the video was projected on a white wall. the audio was played loudly through a stereo PA.

this video is dedicated to Mike Kasunic, Marcus Kim and Lauri Mancuso.

flyer by Mike Kasunic.

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