The Curious Dr. Humpp performs "And What About...?"

"And what about Janus? And what about cats and dogs living together?
And What About Bob? And what about Afghanistan? And what about
celophane? And what about bullet proof vests? And what about Ben
Bernake? And what about newspapers? And what about Pauly Shore? And
what about sunsets? And what about obedience?

And what about narcoleptic seals? And what about moonraker? And what
about anti-inflammatories? And what about McFadden, the lazy surgeon?

And what about this rash?

And what about these lashes? And What about Bob Edwards? And what
about Oven-Ready Turkey? And what about Yuengling Black and Tan? And
what about High Zero? And what about knickers? And what about radical
utopias? And what about Dianetics? And what about the R6 implant? And
what about Michael Jackson? And what about Blanket?

And what ABOUT Blanket?

And what about eugenics? And what about cornflakes?

and what about The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion? And what about this
chocolate in my peanut butter? And what about this peanut butter in my

And what about Werner Erhard and The Wiz?

And what about Steev Mike?

and what about fashion snuggies? and what about kidnapping haitian
babies for christ? and what about the death of autotune? and what
about where's the birth certificate?

And what about...

Lady Gaga
Adam Lambert
Norman Mailer Fighting Rip Torn
Boys In The Sand
Guys Go Crazy 4: Banana Bangers
Peter Berlin
Bette Davis in Madame Sin
Lola Montez
Franz Liszt
Shameless Scouts
Maverickman222 and Hunter
My Best Friend's Father
Dorian Gray
Lord Henry
Pashtun Warriors
their Halekon
Cock Scene Investigator
Tusk Lord
Propane Beef Dog
Systems Research
Pineapple Symphony
Comet Kohoutek
Sunny Ray
the Children of God
Flirty Fishing
Love bombing
Sun Myung Moon
Ronald Reagan
The Rapture
The Tribulation
The Late, Great Planet Earth
The Jupiter Effect
A Horse and Two Goats
The Aesthetics of Rock
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Wounded Knee
The Ghost Dance
Vine Deloria
My Lai
Abu Ghraib
Ward Churchill
Turtle Island
Seymour Hersh
Copper Green
preemptive war
Right-wing politics
A hex dump
Owl Worship
homosocial rituals
the cosmology of Thelema
sex magick
Wilhelm Reich
William S. Burroughs
anal mucus
Curtis Harrington
Jack Smith
Normal Love
Batman Dracula
The CN Tower
the artful penetration of Barbara
and what about Matt Wellins
And what about MEEEEEE!!!???"

text composed by Dan Lansberry, Marcus Kim, Greg Bolton, Nick Bloom, Elvira Eichleay, John Riegert, Jason Dunbar and Edgar Um Bucholtz.

performed by The Curious Dr. Humpp (Edgar Um Bucholtz accompanied by Matt Wellins on home-built electronics) for the christening of Lauri Mancuso's new art and performance studio at 4312 Main St. Pittsburgh on Feb. 2nd 2010.

also performing were RRIND and ANITA FIX.

Edgar Um Bucholtz's turban and make-up by Thommy Conroy.

photo by Lauri Mancuso

dedicated to Jack Smith

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John Foster Cartwright said...

I love this and am sad at having missed it.