Fuck Telecorps "Hard On/Off Hearong" cassette

a new FTCRPS cassette, entitled "Hard On/Off Hearong," was released by Mind Skull Records on Sat. Apr. 16, 2011.

Lado 1:

"This File Is Corrupted"

(recorded by Margaret Cox on Jan. 22nd 2011 during Winter Void Fest 3 The Shop in Pgh, PA with two overdubs recorded by Edgar Um Bucholtz in March 2011.)

Lado 2:

"Viking Fireman Inseminator"

(recorded Apr. 11th 2007 at Modern Formations in Pgh, PA)

Stephen Boyle - fake guitar, ring modulator, microphone, telephone
tap, tapes, percuss, junk, shirt and tie

Edgar Um Bucholtz - pigs, cdj, silence, beer bottle, pot, scrubs,
paper, cornet, radio, voice, misc. objects

Matthew Wellins - electronics, clarinet

artwork by Josh Bonnett

an edition of 75 cassettes are available only via Mind Cure Records in Pittsburgh, PA. $5/each.

email: orders@mindcurerecords.com


special thanks to Michael Seamans and Mind Cure/Dear Skull/Mind Skull Records!

Matthew Wellins, Edgar Um Bucholtz and Stephen Boyle at Winter Void Fest at The Shop on Jan. 22, 2011.

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