"The First Celestial Adventure Of Mr. Antipyrine, Fire-Extinguisher" filmstrip pt. 3 of 4

"The First Celestial Adventure of Mr. Antipyrine, Fire Extinguisher" by Tristan Tzara, 1916.

translated by Ruth Wilson (from "Dadaist Perfomance")

part three of four parts

this version staged and directed for filmstrip by Edgar Um Bucholtz and J Fox in Pittsburgh in 1999

starring Dean Novotny as Mr. Antipyrine, Fire-Extinguisher

and tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE as Tristan Tzara

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Edgar Um Bucholtz said...

not sure why the first few seconds are gray.

i'm sorta new to this youtube uploading thing. if anybody has a clue, send me a message: edgarum@gmail.com