Xtended Fuck Telecorps 360° "9 Test Shots [Edit]" Pt. 1 of 2

Edgar Um Bucholtz + XFTCRPS
"XFTCRPS 360°: 9 Test Shots [edit] at Location Zero" 2008

This is Part one of two parts. Total time: approx. 11 minutes.

Commissioned by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: 2008 Pittsburgh Biennial.

This composition for experimental video camera and electro-acoustic free improvising ensemble, XFTCRPS (Extended Fuck Telecorps), uses applied random integers (derived from atmospheric noise) to determine every aspect of a digital video camera (PANASONIC 100B AG-DVX1008): manual or automatic settings (focus, iris, white balance, shutter speed, etc.), shooting area, camera placement, tripod settings, type of shot (long shot, medium shot, close up), length of shot, number of performers, etc. This version, "9 Test Shots [edit]", was the first in a planned series of video/audio outcomes to be performed and shot at various locations in greater Pittsburgh in 2008. This project is a new version of an original composition from 1994 for experimental video camera and electro-acoustic free improvising ensemble that was conceived and performed by LPN (Edgar Um Bucholtz and Dave Shim) and with video camera operated by Michael Johnsen. This new version, performed and shot in May 2008 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, was realized by sound improvisors Stephen Boyle, Matt Wellins, Nick Painter, Doug Cronin, Johan Nystrom and Jim Storch. Jarrett Buba operated the camera and lighting. Edgar Um Bucholtz invented the process, derived the integers, directed the production and made the edits. Special thanks to Josh Tonies, George Davis and Lauri Mancuso.

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