Fuck Telecorps "Scrp Tcrps"

On Thursday November 4th 2010 at The Shop in Pittsburgh, Fuck Telecorps performed "Scrp Tcrps." For this performance, Fuck Telecorps was Edgar Um Bucholtz solo. For this performance, Edgar Um Bucholtz wore a grey wig, mirrored sunglasses and a shiny silver track jacket. Illuminated by two very bright work lights, he sat on a chair and held a square piece of glass with the letters "TCRPS" painted in black. Two piezo contact microphones were attached to opposite corners of the underside of the glass with black electrical tape. A wire led from each the contact microphones into two channels of Yamaha mixer/amplifier situated to the right of Mr. Bucholtz. The channels were panned hard left and right. The volume levels for each channel and the master volume was at approx. 75%. At the beginning of his performance, Mr. Bucholtz adjusted the channels on the mixer/amplifier so that the sounds of the surface of the glass he held would be loud, but not feeding back excessively. Once the sound levels seemed appropriate, Mr. Bucholtz unsheathed a small rectangular razor blade from it's light brown cardboard protective housing. He then began to scrape away the painted letters on the surface of the glass. The resulting scraping sounds coming out of The Shop's house PA were shrill and complex. Due to these sounds, many of the audience members fled the room. Some fled but continued watch and listen at a dampened volume through a window in an adjacent room. Once the painted letters had been fully scrapped off the glass, Edgar Um Bucholtz continued to scrape the glass in a more sensitive way, encouraging the glass to emit even higher audio frequencies. Approximately 10 minutes after he had begun scraping the glass, the performance was concluded.

No audio or visual documentation of this performance is currently known to exist.

Fuck Telecorps were booked for this performance by Matt McDermott.

Special thanks to Lauri Mancuso.

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