Fuck Telecorps "Summer Lecture Series No. 1" (2007)

Fuck Telecorps performed live at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts shortly after 7pm on July 12th, 2007.

for this performance Fuck Telecorps was Matt Wellins (electronics, reeds, misc.), Steve Boyle (electronics, percussion, voice, misc.), Edgar Um Bucholtz (cornet, small instruments, misc.) and Jim Storch (percussion, small instruments, misc.)

these sounds were recorded by Mark Lamb.

this performance was part of a series of improvised music events called "In Tent" that occurred at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts during the summer of 2007. "In Tent" was curated and organized by Edgar Um Bucholtz.

the headlining performance of this concert on July 12th 2007 was a solo set by reedist Oluyemi Thomas. Marcus Kim performed solo on marimba. Ben Opie and trio also performed.

special thanks to George Davis, Joy Sato, Rich Engel, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Pittsburgh Filmmakers for making this series of concerts happen.

Edgar Um Bucholtz and Matt Wellins relaxing on the lawn at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts between sets at In Tent.

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