Fuck Telecorps "Legendary Puce Telecrops" (2011)

Fuck Telecorps performed live at Helter Shelter in Pittsburgh on the evening of Thursday Jan. 6th, 2011.

for this occasion, Fuck Telecorps was Linda Ronstatic (home built electronics), Mortimer Grim (suspended cymbal and thundersheet) and Peter Psoriasis (somewhat broken Prophet 600, analog and digital fx, laptop, cornet.)

also performing on this night at Helter Shelter were Casual Male (of Pittsburgh), Half Nelson (of Pittsburgh), Teeny Bopper (of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY) and Tension Fields (of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY.) Teeny Bopper and Tension Fields are also members of the group, Yellow Tears.

recording by Linda Ronstatic.

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