D.S.C. presents Teeth Collection, Cottonballman, Fuck Telecorps and more

Thursday April 1st 2010

Dynamo Sound Collective presents

(Dayton, OH)

"Teeth Collection play a type of early industrial style in the order of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and have in fact done a split with those guys so it’s gotta be heavy duty right? It is but more in an echoing, scraping, metal, creepy chamber music kind of way. Which is to say whoa! Not enough of that shit coming around nowadays! This side eventually morphs into industrial metallic clouds that billow till they break. Nice. These dudes had a killer release on Peasant Magik, now way out of print, a way long discography that looks well worth the time and investigation. P.S. These dudes also appear on another recently released exhaustive box set documenting the best in today’s psych/experimental/drone/whatever underground, The Static Hymnal (Husk/Factotum/Hung Like a Horse)." - FOXY DIGITALIS


Operates Community College Records. Member of Ribbons and To-Night Golden Curls.


review by John Olson: "Arriving At The End To Find Another Beginning" Community College 24 Cass. / Don't know Beginning/ End im @ but I def. gripped this killer strange tape! Someone once wrote in a review of the mind-blowing NEW DAWN lp that "if a rec starts with the sound of nature, its usually a good sign" - to that statement i'll replace NATURE with UNGODLY TENSE HISS and use that for the PF review. I luv me some strange sounds trying to breathe/ release into a world of HISS to reveal they ugly mugs, and this tape nails it. Couldn't tell you word one about the devices to put into this tape, but whatever they used; RULES. Edition of 30, ALL WEIRD. Kool cover showing a parallel universe landscape that looks nice enuff to post up with a kooler for a nice afternoon. & Fave new label name. aka THE WORKS.

COTTONBALLMAN (Dynamo Sound Collective)

FUCK TELECORPS (represented by Edgar Um Bucholtz, Matt Wellins and Raq. V.B.)


$5 or so


The Shop Art and Performance Studio
4312 Main St. in scenic Bloomfield
Pittsburgh, PA 15224