Fuck Telecorps "Greatest Hits Vol. I"

this is Side B of the bootleg Telecorps/Fuck Telecorps cassette release entitled "Telecorps 92.12.31" released in 1993 on That Cow Inc. cassette label. Side B starts with a live recording (made by Herr Brine?) of Telecorps performing live on New Year's Eve 1992 in the basement of Turmoil Room in Wilkinsburg, PA. since i have already posted video+audio documentation of this performance, i skipped ahead to the last minute of this performance on the cassette. the recording then immediately segues into a cutup tape composition called "Greatest Hits Vol. I." this composition was edited by Herr Brine from previously-released and bootleg Telecorps cassettes, including "Reaching Out", "92.12.31" and rough mixes of the still unreleased "MainstreamMotherFucker." Herr Brine also incorporated recordings from the Telecorps-associated live radio series, Radio For The People, broadcast on WRCT FM Pittsburgh. one of these Radio For The People recordings includes a snippet of Paul Snelson performing "Terminal."

the numerous sound drop-outs throughout "Greatest Hits Vol. I" are assumed to be the intention of Herr Brine.

"Telecorps 92.12.31" cassette cover photo by Herr Brine.


Timothy said...

It was indeed Herr Brine on the cassette controls at the Turmoil Room. We share some DNA, so I do recall that....

Edgar Um Bucholtz said...

hey tim!,

what was Herr Brine calling his tape label at that time? was it That Cow, Inc.? or am i making that up?


Timothy said...

Your memory is correct.