"Fuck Telecorps Presents Diss-Co-Rpes" is side A of a bootleg Telecorps/Fuck Telecorps cassette produced and released in early 1993 by Herr Brine (of experimental tape/music duo Trailer Court Flambe. Trailer Court Flambe was Herr Brine with Raq V.B. who joined Telecorps in late 1991) on his cassette label, That Cow Inc. it consists of samples and edits of Telecorps "live on New Year's Eve 1992 at the Turmoil Room" and of the Telecorps "Reaching Out" cassette chopped and diced over a "disco" beat. The beat is more early 90s hip hop than disco, but whatever. oh, and it's 38 minutes long. work that body.

Herr Brine's current whereabouts are unknown.

"Telecorps 92.12.31" cassette cover designed and produced by Herr Brine, 1993.

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